Trish is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive counselor, author, Medical Intuitive, and a Registered Nurse.

As a Medium, Trish communicates with your loved ones in spirit. All messages are  related to your life path. Information regarding your career, love life, family matters, and health is meant to guide you and leave you with peace of mind and heart.



As a registered nurse she understands medical conditions, and how medications and treatments affect your body. As a medical intuitive she is able to describe your problem areas and guide you to their resolve.

"You can be  healthier through a holistic approach. A knowledge of  certain foods,  or simply removing certain elements from your diet can contribute to a more sound sleep and the ability to process information quick and clear. Meditation is a must. Our brains are like computers, they too require down time to process information effectively.

     "For me, growing up in a psychic household was normal." Trish Holbrook

As a daughter of a psychic medium, medical intuitive, forensic psychic, and author, the intuitive side resides deep within her veins. Trish is a faith based professional who relies on the Holy Spirit for guidance and information.

      "We are vessels of the truth."  Trish Holbrook.

As an active member of the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment  (A.R.E) Trish continues her education on psychic development, intuition, spirituality, and holistic health.