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Good Ghost Hunt vs Great Ghost Hunt

My love of graveyards and ghosts began rather early in life. My Aunt Tiny was a serious, avid ghost hunter. Her love of an old cemetery, (the older and creepier the better), was quite evident by the sound of the "oooohs and aaaahs" coming from her mouth as we looked out the window of our 1970 station wagon at yet another cemetery on a Saturday afternoon drive en route to anywhere. Yes, this was her entertainment before the internet, and was where my love of a good ghost hunt began.

Why are we are fascinated with ghosts! We want the scare, but we don't want the scare. Am I right? I started my Ghost Cruise on the Riverwalk in October of this year for my sheer love of a good haunted location with lots and lots of paranormal activity. Most of all, I wanted to share my love for the hosts of here-after, with those who also enjoy a great ghost hunt.

I have discovered a formula for a great ghost hunt over the years by both living in various haunted locations,working in haunted hospitals, and visiting many documented haunted locations throughout the US.

Did you know there is a difference between a ghost and a spirit?

A ghost is limited in movement, usually haunts a building or home rather than people,and their death was usually of a tragic nature. Now a spirit, on the other hand, has the freedom to move about places and people and is usually someone familiar to you, who protects you, similar to a guardian angel. So don't fear you will go to your favorite haunted hotel and bring home a ghost! If you leave with one its because they came with you.

1) Pictures, pictures, pictures! Take your favorite camera with you on your ghost hunt. Paranormal activity can't always be seen with the physical eye, however, will appear at some point as orbs or faces in your photo.

2) Bring your open mind and curious nature! The reason we go on a ghost hunt is to encounter ghosts right? Ghosts and spirits are energy and they pick up on the energy we bring with us. An open minded, curious person will almost always have the best experiences on a ghost hunt. Whether you are in your favorite old hotel, cemetery, or neighbors dwelling, your chances of connecting with the paranormal will weigh in your favor if you follow these basic ghost hunting rules.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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