My second reading in 2018, mountain laurels were the symbol for me. This year has been revealed to be much more significant in my life's journey than I could have imagined.


mountain laurel.jpg

 You gave a reading to my daughter I think 2 years ago. You said she would get together with a guy brown curly hair, blows glass in his garage, and so on. We knew immediately who you were talking about but no way. You even said it would be cold time of year. And that you saw Colorado in their future. So two years later my daughter is now friends again with this guy and they might go to Colorado. 


You are a very talented, authentic and compassionate in the work that you do it is a true gift


We had such a good time! So proud of all you have accomplished! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. Bobby had a great experience in his very first reading. 


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